Saturday, January 2, 2010

Are you a "Scrap Collector"?

You know, one of those "scrappers" who collects everything "new, revolutionary, exciting, fun or HOT HOT HOT" in scrapbooking but has not scrapped a single photo?

I have been buying album after album for almost 2 decades. One for each baby (we have 4), one for DH's Navy career, one for myself, one for Girl Scouts (the girl baby has grown a lot!), one for Cub Scouts (the oldest boy has grown up too), one for family recipes...on and on...

Then I started teaching cake classes at AC Moore and that FED my collection because I was there every weekend...

Then came the AC Moore forum where I "met" friends who scrapped and they told me of wonderous tools I "had to have" so I got a Cuttlebug...Fiskars punches...Stickles...Crop-O-Dile...Big Bite and other things I had no idea how to use!

January 2008 I bought a Cricut Expresion. So I started collecting cartridges...joined the Cricut message board, met some nice people who said they would send the Cricut Protection Services after me if I did not take it out of the box and so I have used it now about a dozen times...

Then I needed I organized Swaps on my favorite forum.

Then I joined a Stamp Club...stamps, ink, embossing powders, heat gun...

So how many pages have I done?


Yep, I confess I am a scrap collector and I need help!

My biggest problem with all of this is there is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much information...
so many places to look...
and read...
and see...
and plan...


WHEW, OK, back on track.

I need a place where I can SEE and the DO which is why I loved Stamp Club. I went to my stampin' friend's house and she had the projects all planned and showed us what to do.

I figure there must be more people out there in the world like me.

That is why I am starting this blog in conjunction with my other blog The Cr8ive Life, because my "New Year's Resolution" is to SCRAP my Stash!

I am starting with a series of 8x8 lay outs for an album I am sending to my grandmother. But I will post more on that in a bit. Right now I want to know who is with me on this journey? Come follow me and we will SCRAP our way through 2010!

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  1. Does Rubberstamping count.. I'm a collector of stamps. Now I have scrapped but I reward myself with more stash so there in lies the problem.

    I'm going to scrap more, thanks for the accountablility.

  2. I have no problem scrapping...I just buy quicker than I scrap!!

  3. You are so right Debbie i buy more stuff then i need i see it and i'm like i need that knowing that i really don't it's just a "i want" thing we all know that one LOL. i reall neeed to scrap more then buy more .